Conservatory Ceiling Blinds

About Us

Here at Flying Fish Shading, we specialise in providing excellent sail blinds for conservatories. We are often asked why conservatory ceiling blinds are so popular. Allow us to provide you with a few answers to that!

Visually appealing

The first impression that often comes from viewing conservatory ceiling blinds is that they are casual, calming shapes that provide excellent decoration for your conservatory. Our blinds are available in different shades and colours in full, or in part sets.

Excellent at regulating temperature

Ceiling blinds help make your conservatory cool in the summer, rejecting incoming heat as they do on sailing boats and providing shady areas to enjoy in your conservatory. However, ceiling blinds also serve a purpose in the autumn and winter. Blinds are excellent at retaining heat generated in the room, making your conservatory cosier, warmer and usable all year round.

Help reduce noise and glare

If you enjoy your peace and quiet, conservatory ceiling blinds are extremely handy at providing that too. Blinds are also useful at deadening noise such as rain and hail – particularly useful for polyroofs - and reducing glare, making it much easier to read your book or watch TV.

Easy to maintain and use

Conservatory ceiling blinds are easy to maintain. Sails can be detached with one click - dusted or sponged down - then replaced without any need to use a washing machine or iron board. With their UV resistant cloth and stitching, our blinds are designed to last. Unlike normal blinds which require fiddly wires, strings and pulleys, sail blinds also require minimal effort to operate, making them the ideal solution.

Low cost

Speaking from our 25 years of experience, conservatory ceiling blinds cost substantially less than other roof blinds. This price can be reduced further with partial cover, along with self or partial fitting if necessary – all you have to do is ask.

If you are interested in our conservatory ceiling blinds, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us today.